God’s Word always works when you work God’s Word. This is so simple that I don’t think that people get it. My dad used to tell me this often when I was a little boy. One of the problems that I think are facing the church around the world today is that when it appears that God’s Word isn’t working, people quit and say, ‘It doesn’t work,’ or ‘It doesn’t work for me.’ I believe without a doubt and with complete faith that you will be able to speak into your life and see the miracles that you are believing God for come to pass.

           What do you do when it isn’t working? What do you do when faith seems weak and victory lost is how Brother Hagin would say it. I am not going to write his sermon, but I am going to use those words a bit because I think it is essential. If you are going to get anything through your head while reading this, I want you to get this, God’s Word works when you work God’s Word. I can tell you many stories in my life of people who did not think that God’s Word works. I have a brother-in-law who was born again, filled with the Holy Ghost and him, his wife, and his children lived for God. After a short time, he decided, “It didn’t work for me.” He walked away, is divorced, has children who aren’t living for God, he isn’t living for God, and he has destruction in his life. He quit because he didn’t think God’s Word worked.

           Have you ever heard people say, “We don’t believe that”? One of the things that I do whenever I enter into a conversation about God’s Word with people, I always ask them, “Can we come to one agreement, it doesn’t matter what you believe, or I believe, your momma, your pastor, the butcher, baker or candlestick maker believes, but it only matters what God says in His Word?” Most times, whether people are either born again or just religious, they will agree with me. Frequently, even lost people will agree with me. That is the best way to establish a foundation before starting a conversation about God’s Word because then when they say “I don’t believe that,” you can take them back to your agreement you had before the conversation even started.

           One time I had a man in my church that was sick, and he was standing in faith for his healing, but it didn’t come, and he died. His wife and children were in pain, and they left the church. They blamed the church and made comments that he gave money and believed God, but it didn’t work. She said a lot of things against me, and it caused several people to turn away from God and our church, it caused damage. Months later, she found a letter he had written her that said, ‘I want you to know I did my best to believe God, but when I was in the military I had gotten a girl pregnant, and I paid for her to have an abortion, and I never forgave myself. I never accepted forgiveness, so don’t blame God. I always doubted in my mind that God wouldn’t heal me because of what I did.’ I have preached tithing before and told people that if they thought I was teaching tithing to benefit me because I was the pastor of the church, then to find another Word Church and tithe because my message was to help them.

“Without faith, it is impossible to please Him.” Hebrews 11:6a NASB

           The word Him is capitalized here, so we know it is talking about God, Elohim. Remember, when God’s Word isn’t working in your life, it’s not God. It’s you. The first thing you must understand is that it is impossible to please God without faith. God operates on faith, and God moves on faith; it is the whole place in which faith works. If you took an airplane and buried it into the middle of the ocean and tried to fly underwater from one place to another, it wouldn’t work because water is not the environment in which an airplane thrives. A submarine wouldn’t work flying from Utah to Michigan because it is a submarine, there isn’t continuous water, and it’s not the atmosphere for which it was invented. You must understand that God operates in an atmosphere of faith. That is why, without faith, it is impossible to please God. We have a lot of people running around trying to operate an airplane in the water and a submarine in the sky and are wondering why they don’t work. It is the same way with God. 

“So, faith comes from hearing and hearing by the word of Christ.” Romans 10:17 NASB

           You will notice that it doesn’t say that faith comes by having heard one time, it says it comes by hearing because it is a continuous process, hearing over and over and over the word of Christ. Christ is not Jesus’ last name. Christ is the Greek word for the Anointed One, the Messiah. So, faith comes by hearing, and by hearing the word of Christ or hearing the word of God. The words of the Messiah. I cannot tell you how many people listen to Christian music and think that it is good to praise and worship music. If you listen to some of it, the words are terrible. Remember the hymn ‘Pass me not oh gentle Savior, hear my humble cry’? What do you mean pass me not? The Bible says to come boldly unto the throne of grace. The Bible says when you pray, He hears you. Why do we sing songs like this? Don’t look down on Baptist who sing these hymns because some of this modern praise and worship is crap. People think that because a song mentions Jesus or heaven, it must be good. Listen to the words that you sing. If faith comes by hearing, are you hearing the right words in the music that you listen to? Are you feeding yourself on the Word? 

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