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Yes, We Take Online Prayer Requests!

We know that we need to talk to God regularly. He tells us to pray about everything and not being anxious about anything. This is why He gave us the gift of prayer, but He also wants us to pray for others. We are happy to do so and we make it easy for you to submit your prayer request online with this easy form.

Unified Prayer

That is what we are trying to accomplish with our prayer ministry. Here, you can give us your name, what you’re struggling with, hoping for, or even what you’re thankful for, and our prayer team will join you.

Of course, anything you submit will remain confidential, so if you need to submit a prayer request that is intimately personal or private, we will honor that. We just want you to know that our prayer warriors are here to help you in any way they can.

What We Do

Our prayer ministry came about because the Bible says that we should pray without ceasing. We pray for individual people as well as governments around the world, and the internet has given us the opportunity to open our doors to more people.

We have seen the power of prayer in our own lives and want to use it to help others. We know that God desires to hear from His people and for us to reach out to Him in prayer. Of course, we hope that you will continue praying with us, even if you are just leaving your request here on the site.

We hope that you give us the opportunity to pray for you, and that you’ll reach out to our ministry with any questions you may have. Submit your online prayer request today so we can unite our hearts and voices and pray for each other’s needs.



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