Things My Fathers Told Me

This is my spiritual autobiography, a book full of stories and sayings. I wrote this book for my children and grandchildren so they might fully understand my spiritual journey; the good, bad and ugly. The stories are personal and, in some cases, very personal, but that is the nature of family sharing. I am so appreciative of the sayings of both of my fathers, I wanted my heirs to “hear” them and see the wisdom therein. 

The word father in the title is plural as I had two fathers. My earthly father, Willard L. Johnson is pictured on the book’s cover when he was 29 years old and I was 4. My other father is my Heavenly Father whom I met personally at age 12. The specific of the relationships are in the text.

I have made the manuscript public on the recommendation of close friends and relatives who lived many of the stories with me. They thought I should more widely share the unique experiences especially the personal prophecies that became reality. They thought readers beyond my family would be interested and likely encouraged by my revelations. 

In addition to the stories, the book is full of wise sayings. My natural father’s sayings were conditioned by a rural upbringing. He was so quick-witted, insightful, and had a way to make a statement one would not forget. I did not forget his sayings, and they are recorded herein. You will enjoy the humor and practical wisdom.

Perhaps more important are the sayings that my Heavenly Father has spoken throughout my life. My Heavenly Father’s sayings were conditioned by His fore-knowledge of human nature, not just mine. Of course, most of the sayings are the truths written in the Bible or paraphrases thereof. Others were personal prophetic words. Some were words of correction or admonition.

I have benefited from both paternal relationships. They spoke words that I have come to rely upon. I hope that my children and my heirs beyond will appreciate the wisdom and rely upon them as I have. They have proven to be true and have value in dealing with the issues of life. Many are fun, even some are amusing when the truth is revealed.

Although the sayings have universal value, the really meaningful aspect is the personal relationship with my fathers that was paramount. The following relationship between a person and what they have to say is best illustrated in the following two statements. A man is as good as his word. This is a well-known statement referencing a person who can be trusted to the extent of what he says will happen and/or will be true. This qualifies the personas one of high integrity. The second one is when God says that His very being and His Word are one in the same. (John 1) His statement takes integrity to a much higher level. It is a level that takes some pondering to grasp and one of which we should aspire.

As a result of those interchanges, I have written a chapter on my sayings inspired by the Holy Spirit. The sayings of my father’s where ones you can take to the bank. I hope you will see mine of similar value and embrace the stories and sayings as they are deposited in your life.


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