What is a Spiritual Advisor?

If you feel that you would like a little more direction and a clear path to follow in your daily walk with God, it’s a good idea to seek a spiritual advisor who can help. Our ministry is happy to provide spiritual advising that can help you enjoy a richer relationship with Jesus Christ.

What Does a Spiritual Advisor Do?

Spiritual advisors are people who give advice to uplift others on a spiritual level. They are known for their levels of wisdom and knowledge. In Christianity, spiritual advisors exist to help people sort out the problems and patterns in their lives.

In relation to Christianity, a spiritual advisor is someone who is mature and knowledgeable enough to give advice to another person who wants to achieve more intimacy with God. The person should be experienced in life enough to give advice and be well-versed in Christianity.

People who follow spiritual advisors are seeking out the highest levels of existence. God is in everything, everything is in God, Christ is in God and God is in Christ. This is a complex—yet simple, mind-boggling maze. However, spiritual advisors help their clients become more entwined, spiritually, in this fascinating truth of the universe. They can make these complex concepts simpler to grasp and help you relate to God better on a personal level.

Benefits of Having a Spiritual Advisor

Your spiritual advisor can give you advice about what to do when it comes to the ups and downs of life. A spiritual advisor may also give advice about what prayers to say and what pieces of literature or passages from the Bible to study.

Spiritual direction is one of many centuries-old traditions in Christianity that has made a comeback. Recently, Christians from a variety of different sects have been embracing this concept more than ever.

What a Spiritual Advisor is Not

Spiritual direction does not focus on dysfunctions that are diagnosed clinically—it focuses on the problem of how the human soul has a natural inclination toward sin. That means that if you are looking to treat your mental health conditions, a spiritual advisor is not the answer. But if you’d like to boost your spiritual growth, the right spiritual advisor can be incredibly helpful.

A spiritual director does not take on the same role as a therapist or counselor. The role of a spiritual director is to help you discern what the Holy Spirit is trying to say and what direction you should take to live a more Godly life.

Hondo Carpenter, Spiritual Advisor

Spiritual advisors like Hondo Carpenter are important because of the fact that they provide inspiration and Biblical wisdom for people to think about. Hondo is a person who is in the entertainment industry and a commentator who has a passion for local sports teams. But even when discussing secular-sounding topics, Hondo is able to relate the things that he says to Christian spirituality.

A spiritual advisor needs to be someone who has been blessed with plenty of life experience, good judgement and a high level of religious knowledge. Hondo Carpenter has been blessed with such skills and is happy to share his blessings and gifts with those who seek guidance. Learn more about our ministry and how we can help guide you to a better walk with God!



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